we are a technology company dedicated to helping people feel more secure and comfortable on a daily basis.

Our products can be used in a wide range of environments– everywhere from elementary school classrooms to residential communities for the elderly.

our system is the first of its kind– it’s ultra low power and completely non-intrusive.

All of our hardware runs on batteries and over wifi. The devices are simple to install, and can last for over a year without new batteries.

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with a lert.ly system in place, entire campuses can be monitored and protected with ease.

Jane lives independently within a retirement community.
Jane’s lert.ly devices have sensed that there’s low activity in her house.
The main office gets a notification on their dashboard and checks in to see if she’s alright.
If she needs assistance, help will be sent immediately.

our clients love lert.ly.

"We have over 200 cottages and apartments on our campus. The all-wifi, all battery-powered devices lert.ly uses allowed us to fully install the system in 3 days. Now we have a world-class safety system that matches our state-of-the-art model of care."

–John Midolo, Director of The Village at Orchard Ridge

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